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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 2, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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barack obama and clinton. i wish her total and complete recovery. she's a wonderful person and great to be around. don't forget to set your dvr's so you never miss an episode. special report is next. i'd watch that if i were you. as we enter 2014, economic numbers are better. why are you so pessimistic about the economy? this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. happy new year. we begin with the position between what the numbers say about the u.s. economy and what you say about it. most recent statistics suggest things are improving. that's not how the public is perceiving it. that's a political problem for president barack obama .
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white house correspondent wendell is traveling with the president. >> he says one of his top priorities for the new year and understandable why. the jobless rate has steadily fallen. manufacturing continue os to expand and construction spending was up last month again. despite that, the latest cnn polls suggest more than two-thirds of the country think the economy is in poor shape. people on the streets supports that. >> i list 2013 survival mode and flatenning out to normalcy without the crash and big upstake. >> some blame wall street and main street. >> a lot of folks have not gotten old jobs back. if they have gotten the job back, they are not making the money they used to prior to the
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2008 recession. >> other experts say white house optimism may come at a price. >> people have been toldle for the last several, next year will be the year things get better. the economy has improved but far from healthy. >> in fact the president and d advisors have more than one message. the unemployed need renewable benefits for the new year. >> with unemployment at 7%, this is not the time to cut off families using this as a temporary lifeline. >> people that are working felt last year's payroll tax cut. >> noticed the taxation is taking a larger chunk out of my
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pay check. >> companies that invest in research and development and teachers that spend their own money for supplies. lawmakers may eventually approval them retrospectively as they have in the past. >> if congress could stop this go business where you have a tax credit, on and off again, that would probably help the economy. there's some hope, i'm not saying a lot, that they'll settle that early in the year. >> david wesle may be optimistic. congress eventually renewed the credits but not until new year's day 2013. >> wendell, thank you. wall street experienced the first negative start to a year since 2008 today. the dow plunged 135, s&p 500 down 16, nasdaq lost 33.5. a little more evidence on how pessimistic you are tonight. a press poll finds 70% of
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americans have no confidence that the government can accomplish anything significant in its current condition. much of that skepticism is probably due to the obamacare rollout. chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel tells us how that's going. >> 11 signed on to this letter today accusing the administration of breaking the law by making numerous changes bypassing congress. in this memo sent by the house majority letter eric cantor raised security concerns following the high breach of documents in target stories. the health care industry by far will be the most susceptible to publicly disclosed widely in 2014. >> the administration has tried to hide security problems that exist with the website. they are called limitless prior
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to the website's launch. >> sotomayor's emergency stay of the mandate of obamacare by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. sotomayor appointed by president barack obama temporarily blocked the requirement that some religious affiliated organizations provide workers with insurance that includes birth control. the attorney representing the sisters of the poor talk about their concerns. >> they say we've been a catholic organization 175 years. we can't start disrespecting life at earliest stages by paying for drugs and devices that take early life. >> all the nuns need to do is sign authorization opting out. >> little sisters worries the government may provide a third party to supply it. >> much of the rest of the obamacare launched yesterday including the individual mandate. 2.1 million consumers have
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enrolled through federal and state exchanges. >> it's a new day for millions of americans who are still signing for new quality affordable health care options through the federal and state marketplaces or through medicaid. in already seeing the benefits of the new health care law. >> in most cases they have until january 10 together pay for it. fred upton wants that number. >> time will tell as to the providers, hospitals, physicians, whether people are getting people showing up. how many people are going to write the check to get into the system. >> majority leader cantor told republican colleagues, the house will take up legislation next week. nancy pelosi says the house is focused on repealing or undermining the health care law. consumers should trust personal information is protected. >> mike, thank you.
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emergency room staff might want to get ready for a surge in business. a new study published showing uninsured people given coverage through medicaid use the e.r. 40% more than those not in the program. many are gaining insurance this week through medicaid. the family of the california teenager declared dead after complications of tonsil surgery is getting help tonight. the foundation started by the family is trying to arrange for her to be moved to a long term facility. she was at the center of a multiyear right to die fight that ended with her removal from a feeding tube over the objection of her parents. >> another case of exactly when someone should be allowed to die is making shoes and testing the law in texas. molly has that story tonight.
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>> doctors say the woman seen with her husband and son is brain dead in a texas hospital. she collapsed in november likely from a clot in her lung. her parents and husband want her taken off of life support. the state of texas won't allow it because she is about five months pregnant. the baby's heart is beating. a texas law says doctors, quote may not withdraw or withhold life sustaining treatment from a pregnant patient. that trumps what's her wish not to be kept a live artificially. her mother says we know our daughter wouldn't want this. my husband and i had numerous talks about this with her. we were floored when we found out about the law. supporters of the law, the brother of the woman who he fought to have her kept a live. they can have her wishes carried
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out after the baby is born. >> they're given the benefit of the doubt to the unborn baby. we must protect the lives of unborn children and in fact as i said, i can't imagine any mother would want to end the life of their baby. >> the hospital says its hands are tied. >> for us as the hospital system, there is no option. we have to follow the law as it applies in the state of texas. >> her husband eric has said he does not know how long the baby was without oxygen when his wife collapsed and what problems the baby might have as a result. bobby says while his heart breaks for the family, the state of texas has a responsibility to give the baby a chance to be born. the woman's family is going to try to get the law changed. >> molly, thank you. what do you think should be done with these types of cases? let me know on or on twitter, use the #specialreport.
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how the u.s. plans to destroy syria east chemical weapons. here's what fox affiliates are covering tonight. in oakland with the california supreme court granting a law license to a man living in the u.s. illegally who graduated from law school and passed the state bar exam. kriv in houston on the hospitalization of the former first lady and first mom barbara bush. she's being treated for a respiratory condition. her husband, former president 41 says barbara thanks president barack obama and clinton for their well wishes. here's the big story tonight. a major winter storm. said to be on the way, we will go live to our own molly line in town after the break.
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many students in the midwest and northeast are getting an extended holiday vacation. some schools stayed closed and a lot of parents stayed home over fears of a major winter storm headed their way. molly is in boston tonight. >> on the first working day of 2014, old man winter arrived with a vengeance. it was a bitterly cold day with temperatures dipping to single digits. >> it's so cold salt won't take effect. they keep us out plowing and plowing. >> the first test for the newly
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elected mayor billblasio. >> the one thing they need us to do is get out of the way so they can do their work. >> get a >>i getting away from weather ws no easy task. some airlines cancelled flights until friday. >> i'm looking forward to the winter being over. >> some 1700 flights have been cancelled nationwide. the storm wasn't bad news for everyone. school districts cancelled classes extending christmas vacation. for new england, the worst is yet to come. blizzard warnings have been issued meaning sustained winds above 35 miles per hour with visibility less than a quarter mile. >> the worst of the weather is coming overnight as two m syste combine. mainly upward d.c. and boston, temperatures are going to crop dangerously cold wind chills.
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talking below 0 for a lot of big cities. >> in massachusetts, the national guard was called in ready to aid in evacuations as coastal flooding the predicted. >> mother nature is unpredi unpredictab unpredictable. changes can occur quickly here in the common wealth. >> reporter: state workers got go ahead to head home around 3:00 this afternoon. still messy out here. tomorrow things could be worse. the brunt of this storm hits overnight. tomorrow, governor patrick says in some spots we could see up to two feet of snow. >> live in boston, stay warm molly. speaking of weather you may have noted a group of climate change scientists were stuck in the climate several days until a successful rescue recently. chief washington correspondent tonight with a look at the study
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of global warming. launched from the chinese chopper called snow dragon, passengers were rescued from the ship that had been stranded nine days. >> if all goes well, we'll be off in an hour's zblooichlt tti >> this struck some as ironic. this has drawn a fresh gust of attention to the issue. fewer sun reflecting clouds are being form had the previously projected and attributes this to green house gas emission. this is twice the danger level sited by the united nations panel of ex perts. >> that type of temperature rise would be catastrophic. at half this we're looking at global sea rise that means miami underwater, new orleans, forget
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about it. >> it will be a couple of weeks better the national ocean antic administration posts temperature figures for the year. the agent i say ranked 2012 as the 10th warmest year on record in terms of global temperatures and the 12th year since 2001 since the top 14 warmest. the meteorologist disputes the views and says it's been looking at those views differently. >> it's been warmer far more times than co 2. we had an ice age at 7,000 parts per million. >> last year, a poll found americans worrying about global warming a great deal. americans believe the effects
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have already begun. >> james, thank you. this is day two of colorado first in the nation experiment with legal marijuana sales and use for recreational purposes. business was said to be brisk yesterday. colorado has 24 shops open. there are concerns that with this new freedom could come problems such as teen page use, rising addiction rate, driving under the influence. there's the matter of your home and work place. >> if your employer doesn't like it or if your landlord doesn't like it, certainly, certainly it can cause many problems. so how many problems are really going to be seen is yet to be seen. >> the federal government made it clear that states like colorado can move forward with regulating marijuana for adult use. they're not going to interfere as long as the state is regulating appropriately. that's what colorado is going to be doing. >> the state of washington will begin a similar effort later
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this year. still ahead, america takes another run at peace between israel and the palestinians. first what the u.s. is doing about syria's chemical weapons. y of the dusty basement at 06 35th street the old dining table at 25th and hoffman. ...and the little room above the strip mall f roble avenue. ♪ this magic momt it is the story of where every great idea begins. and of those o believed they had the power to do more. dell is honored to be part of some of the world'great stories. that began much the same w ours did. in a little dorm room -- 2713. ♪ this magic moment ♪ we're gonna be late. ♪ ♪ ♪
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it's connecting over one million low-income americans to broadband internet at home. it's a place named one america's most veteran friendly employers. next is information and entertainment in ways you never thought possible. welcome to what's next. comcastnbcuniversal. the state department says it's helping to support the iraqi government has it battles militants in the major cities. the gunmen are said to have links to al qaeda. they've overrun police stations and swept through the streets. a spokeswoman says a huge part of the blame lies within the insurgency in neighboring syria. the u.s. is putting major money and science behind the effort to rid syria of its chemical weapons.
3:24 pm
chief intelligence correspondent catherine takes a look. >> the 648 foot motor vessel is getting an upgrade of machinery capable of destroying syria's chemical weapons. >> this wasn't the first that came to mind but quickly became the best option. putting materials on territory where you have to look into federal law. >> fitting inside two shipping containers and it works by mixing chemicals with water and bleach and storing it on board. >> we relate that to draino or other household cleaners. >> despite the technology is new and never used on a broad scale at sea, officials insist it can handle the job. >> the stat tick mixers we're using to bring compounds together are a technology we
3:25 pm
proved here in the united states. the rest is basic chemistry. >> after the horrific attacks in august that were blamed on the stock pile, they're said to have priority one chemical weapons. the plan brokered by the u.s. and russia allows on outside parties including the norwegians. as for the wocost, 90 day runni cost and crew of 100 is not included. there are delays on the ground with intense fighting frustrating access to the chemical weapons themselves. the deadline to hand over the first section of the stock pile, the state department is shifting the timetable. >> we knew this would take time. we need to keep forward progress. in fact we have.
3:26 pm
>> the wastes could be store inside the u.s. that's being reviewed by the international body that oversees chemical weapon destruction. >> thank you. it's still believed edward snowden should believe to the u.s. to face trial. major newspapers are voicing support for his pardon for giving surveillance information. the new york times said quote, he has done his country a great privilege. the biggest losers of 2013. we'll explain it all. the "grapevine" is next. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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now for the first 2014 fresh pickings from the political grapevine. we told you for months about the shotty website rollout, mass plan cancellations, low enrollment and other issues plaguing obamacare. put simply it's a story that's just not going away. despite all of this, richard wolf thinks obamacare haters were the biggest losers of 2013. quote, they really that they had the moment the health care site
3:31 pm
was just ready to fail completely. this was the last chance they could stop this train wreck. then it got fixed and people started to get better health care. all those individual stories that they globed on today and said look, someone didn't get the health care, it turned out to be untrue. he went on to compare obamacare opponents to people still fighting world war ii on a lost island. the latest fox polls show two out of three americans wanted obamacare delayed at least a year. that's a lot of haters. if president barack obama 's pollster had his way, we would not tell you what we just told you. news outlets stop reporting polls for an entire year. the daily caller described the resolution as strikingly candid and pessimistic noting if reporters followed his plan, the president would not hear approval numbers until after the
3:32 pm
2014 midterm election. the latest fox poll shows the president's approval rating at 41%. finally after the telegraph put it by french standards it was a peaceful new year's eve. interior minister said 167,000 cars were set a blaze. all things considered he said it was a positive result since it was a 10% reduction from a we're earlier. young french partiers have been torching cars since the 1990s. in coming weeks, secretary of state john kerry will try to accomplish something his predecessors were never able to. conner powell is in jerusalem. >> secretary of state john kerry arrived in the holy land claiming this is not a quote mission impossible. while not impossible, u.s.
3:33 pm
efforts enter a difficult phase this year with secretary of state john kerry hoping to set a framework by april putting on a path to the agreement. >> the time is soon arriving where leaders are going to have to make difficult decisions. >>intent the last six months pressing the israeli prime minister netanyahu to compromise. despite efforts, there's little evidence of progress. among the many issues that need to be tackled for the final deal, the stickiest. the potential attack on israel while palestinians want troons out. netanyahu declared he doesn't think their truly serious about peace. >> unfortunately given the actions and words of palestinian leaders, there's growing doubt in israel that the palestinians are committed to peace.
3:34 pm
>> as peace talks continue, word came that family and friends had gathered by the bed of the former prime minister who's been in a coma on life support the past eight years since suffering a stroke in 2006. he has reportedly taken a turn for the worse. he withdrew troops in gaza in 2005 and is revered in israel for the unilateral move. >> this is still extremely controversial with israelis saying they can't trust palestinians to secure the borders. unless secretary of state john kerry can convince them otherwise, reaching a peace agreement will be difficult to come by. toronto major rob ford was the first candidate to show up at city hall to do the paperwork for re-election bid in october. he has been stripped from most
3:35 pm
powers since he admitted smoking crack in a drunken stuper. he still receives from toronto more conservative suburbs. a south georgia bank investor was in court today. price had been declared legally dead a year ago. he was picked up tuesday during a traffic stop. prosecutors say price raised $40 million from his bank and investors lost much of it. is the economy really getting better? we'll look ahead with the fox all stars when we come back. keeping up with these two is more than a full time job and i don't have time for unreliable companies. angie's list definitely saves me time and money. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today. i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms,
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i've noticed the taxation is taking a larger chunk out of my pay check. last year i saw it go to about 25 to 30% and that's across the board when you take into account all the taxation state and federal and then the local
3:39 pm
taxes. >> i think people are shy of spending a lot of money, of getting themselves out there. it's been a difficult five years, six years. i think people are just worried that it's going to continue the same. >> people are being realistic. people have been told at the end of every year the last several that next year is going to be the year that things get really better. the economy has improved, but it's far from healthy. >> what the about the state of the u.s. economy now? the latest polls out, this from cnn orc says people today as far as economic conditions believe their pretty poor. 68% say people are poor. look at the fox poll projecting the economy one year from now, there's optimism. see how that tracked over three years. what about where things stand? let's bring in our panel.
3:40 pm
george will, charles krauthammer. what about the disconnect george from where we are and where people think we are? >> the people are right. the two-thirds that think the economy is not good. the recession began in december 2007. since then, we have added 13 more million americans in the country and have 13 million fewer jobs. we have lowered the unemployment because more and more workers are no longer counted because they're not looking for work. if the work force participation rate today was as high as when the recession began, it would be 11%. it wouldn't be called recovery at all. >> this congress did not move forward kirstin on 55 tax cuts, didn't renew 55 tax cuts for
3:41 pm
individuals and businesses. you heard that one person talk about seeing his check get a little smaller for the take home. more and more people this year will see that same check getting smaller. >> right. well hopefully they'll pick it up in this new congress. tax cuts are one of the things about the congress. there's no certainty they do them in a longer term plan than one year. it's part of the dysfunction. i think it gets to why the economy has had a had time turning around. look at the last year. whatever growth it was going to have, it took a hit from sequestration and all dysfunction in congress where there was no certainty. it made a lot of people uneasy. looking for it this year, there are things to be optimistic about. if you look at housing was a real drag. it seems to be rebounding. seeing a lot of growth there.
3:42 pm
there are good indicators the economy is starting to take off. >> charles. >> you measure the growth rate by the growth of the economy. i think we'll probably be around 3% which of course historically would be the weakest since second world war. people have the sense it isn't recovery. under reagan, rebound was sharp and fast, regrowth rate of 7-9%. people had the sense of morning in america that it was actually true. here you've got a flat line recovery slightly accelerating. two reason, the price of money is zero. federal reserve decided anybody that wants to expand can borrow. that is helping. to the extent that there's any demand out there. the second is that the price of energy has declined because of the boom and fracking resolution. which gives us after decades some advantage over the third
3:43 pm
world countries when they produce goods. labor is cheaper but our energy is cheap. i think that's going to be the basis of a sustained -- sustained but a slow recovery. i don't think it's going to slip back. what we're experiencing also with high unemployment as george indicates a new normal. we're not approaching but close to european levels of chronic unemployment. these people are not going to return. in europe they are nearly sustained for decades. i think that's never happened here. i think as a result of the slow recovery where people are left behind that's our new normal. that's why there's a sense of things not having recovered correctly or in any way fully. >> we always talk about it on an economic panel as to how much the federal reserve has impacted the state of the which. has essentially kept it a float during this time by pumping all
3:44 pm
this money into the economy. at some point that has to change doesn't it george? yes. it's been -- federal reserve has been extremely aggressive and futile as they're always optimistic projections of effect of zero interest rate policy indicates. it's had the effect it was designed in this sense. it has doubled since obama was inago rated. they're going to run up the stock market. they can't get higher yields anywhere else in the stock market. that will create a wealth effect of 20% of american, 80% of direct beyond stocks and trickle down to everyone else. that's the theory. the problem is working against that is now obamacare which put two new phrases in our lexicon. 49ers and 29ers. 49ers are the companies that aren't going to hire the 50th employee because mandates fall on them.
3:45 pm
29ers are poor devils now working 29 hours. obamacare defines full time employment 30 hours. they're going to have to work the 29 hours. >> the great irony here is that obama has decided he's going to dedicate himself and the rest of his time in office to fighting inequality. he has created the greatest inequality because of zero interest rates and the fed has put a trillion which had to higher assets. rich got richer. it left everyone else behind. you get the sense of the economy not improving. he's the cause and now he's going to redeem us from the misery that he has contributed. >> at the same time kirstin, there's a battle of extending unemployment benefits. there needs to be a three month bipartisan deal. take a listen. >> we know this is not something
3:46 pm
that can or should go on forever. even with the economy improving at 7% unemployment and with the high degree of long term unemployment we face as a country, this is not the time to cut off families who are using this as a temporary lifeline while they're out looking for jobs. >> is this going to get done? >> well, if republicans are smart, they'll agree to it. they're acting like they're not going to. i think it would be a bad political decision for them. there's the argument, humanity argument you don't want to cut families off. there's a positive effect on the economy which is this is money that gets spent right away generally speaking. these people don't have a lot of money. as soon as they get it, they spend it into the economy. it makes sense. politically it would be a mistake for republicans to vote against it. >> ronald reagan used to say nothing lasts as long as a temporary government program. this is an emergency as it was
3:47 pm
called on the first pass, unemployment compensation. 98-99 weeks now. why don't we drop pretense and say it's going on forever. we're now in the second half of the fifth year of a recovery. he's saying not now, too soon. >> we're hoping the economy is turning around. i don't think doing it throughout half of next year is unreasonable. >> we've got to test spurling and say we'll give you three months. we build into it a wind down so there's a final date so the temporary emergency program finally ends. >> next up, the latest on obamacare. and it feels like your lifeate revolves around your symptoms, ask your gastroenterologist about humira adalimumab. humira has been proven to work for adults who have tried other medications but still experience
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snow starting to fall out there outside the the white house. supposed to feel like 4 degrees here tomorrow morning. pretty chilly. there's a chilly reception from gop attorneys general. 11 of them signed a letter today accusing the administration of breaking the law by making numerous changes and they say this. we're deeply concerned that this administration is consistently rewriting new rules effectively inventing for lawed law. the irony is changes being put forgot to fix the exchanges will ultimately destroy the market and increase premiums for consumers that play by the rules. back with the panel. couple of things happening. the administration kirstin is making a full court press to tell positive stories doing local press conferences about numbers, about stories.
3:52 pm
really trying to tell the tale it's working. >> well the numbers are not as good as they wanted them to be. they had a target of signing up about 3 million by now. combine state and federal exchanges you get 2 million. they're a little shy of that. not surprising because of the website dysfunction. there are good stories. there are people that are getting cheaper health insurance and people that didn't have health insurance that have it now. people had pre-existing conditions and were sick and weren't able to get coverage. those are stories that need to be told. there's a lot of bad stories, people that lost their insurance and the promise you can keep your plan if you like it. there's a balance of both of those. it's important to remember there's good and bad that came of this. >> there's winners and losers. the secret core from the transfer of wealth from the upper middle class and middle class people who had insurance, liked their insurance who are
3:53 pm
now discovering sticker shock, they have huge premium, larger deductibles and excess what they're pay as good essentially helping the ones at lower end of the spectrum. in that sense it creates the winners and losers. i think for the republicans, the key now is to focus on the breaking of the trust and the promise. all they have to do in the race particularly ones running in louisiana, north carolina and one other state i feel like rick perry, can't remember the third one, to show for example -- oh yeah and new hampshire. showing the senator actually saying the words of obama, if you have your plan and like your plan you can keep it. it's not only the disruption of their lies that they're going to lose their doctors, going to lose the best hospitals. it is the deception. that's the key in the transfer of wealth.
3:54 pm
there are going to be a lot of losers. it's going to be a propaganda. employers are going to look at sticker shock of premiums they're going to pay next year. that's when you get a second wave of americans that have insurance, like insurance, are going to lose it. that could be fatal if you're a democrat looking at re-election. >> at the same time the house majority leader cantor raising security concerns about the website saying there's a report out saying the health care industry will be widely scrutinized, data breaches in 2014 saying he's going to take up security breach legislation next week saying that this potentially is another huge problem and he's been bringing it up for months. >> once you start getting the public anxious about confidence in the honesty of government you can't steal it. immigration is already going to
3:55 pm
be a casualty. it requires the e verify system and all the rest gather droves of information. people have doubts about this. this is going to be -- charles mentioned the ad run against new hampshire that says in november if you like your senator you can keep her. if not, you know what to do about it. the attorney general that raised the questions about the so called enforcement discretion where the president changes dates, there's a bigger one. you gave the figures about so many state exchange, federal exchanges. the law is really clear. irs may administer subsidies to those who purchase insurance through the state exchanges not through the federal ones. theirs lawless now says oh heck, what's this among friends? we'll now administer to the federal exchanges. some attorney generals are going to court. this is going to be bothered.
3:56 pm
>> by the way you recovered with the number of -- >> yes, and i will run in 2016 as a result. >> that's it for the panel. >> stay tuned to see a twist on the term "air ball." we're gonna be late. ♪ ♪ ♪ oh are we early? [ malennouncer ] mmute yo way with the bold, all-w nissan rogue. ♪ i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80%
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tonight a group of graduates struck youtube gold. they went to union tower in dallas hoping to make a shot from 561 feet. >> this is the reunion tower shot. >> yes! ball down. go, go, go. come up.
4:00 pm
little bit left. come up. right there. yes. >> that's pretty cool. thanks for inviting us into your homes tonight. that's it for "special report." we go on the record right now. this is a fox news alert. police in northern california are arresting a suspect in the the murder of a catholic priest. yesterday reverend freed was found murdered in a church after failing to show up for morning mass. just a short time ago, police arrested gary lee bullock. he had been in and out of police custody before the police was fouchbltd police a found. is the obama administration breaking the law? 11 attorney generals alleged


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